Once a group has decided to create a BellumAE display we analyze the target area and saturate it with our attention. In this way a design is developed and agreed upon. Our desire is to have commandments "belong" in their space and not merely be an addition.

Suspended displays are by far the most visually dominating type of display. They are also the most challenging to install. Suspended displays were featured on the 3ABN special, and, when combined with internal lighting, they tend to "own" the space.

Though our "crystal" suspended displays are most popular, our projected displays, standing displays, or touchable displays are very impacting as well.

Installing the commandments may require various methods. Floor mounted displays are typically brought by our team to your location and installed by hand.

About the bellum commandments

Though the world is taking them down, we put them up

Though it seems counter-intuitive, displaying the Ten Commandments in church has become rare. Many modern leaders find the commandments to be archaic, accusatory and no longer an effective tool for drawing people. With the Ten Commandments being removed from public places, where else can one publicly view them if not in our churches? Bellum Art and Engineering is mostly known for its work in evangelism media, however when several pastors tasked us with engineering a unique display of the Ten Commandments for their churches we set out to claim God's promise that if He (via His Word) be lifted up, all would be drawn. It required an investment of time and resources on the part of those churches, but the result has been that people from around the world are coming for no other reason than to observe the commandments. God has kept His promise. Our mission is to expand this work, and to place beautiful, high-impact displays of the commandments in as many churches and other locations as possible. With the 3ABN airing of our corresponding documentary, we have broadcast this mission to the world.


We believe in putting our best foot forward in the endeavor to display the Word of God. We design prominent representations that are a feast for the eyes, where viewing demands time for contemplation.

"If i be lifted up from the earth I will draw all men unto me." "And the Word was God."