• Experience Daniel and the Revelation

    With arresting imagery and compelling instruction, the "Daniel and the Revelation" video series by Bellum Art and Engineering will spread God's prophetic messages to the world as never before! See more

  • Part IV: "The Return of Christ"

    "Daniel and the Revelation" Part IV is complete! See it on 3ABN Dare to Dream, and order a copy here. See more

  • Four Men of God

    Be encouraged as we dig into the greater meanings behind today's biggest stories and events. How do these point to the end? What does the Bible say about it? Signs. The Book of Daniel. The Book of Revelation. The Return of Christ. See more

  • Incredible Interventions

    After years of collecting amazing stories of God power, Dr. Ryan Johnson is compiling some of his favorites into a book. See more

  • "Arrows" 2017

    This short film starring Dr. Tisla White reminds us that often as we pray for others, we too are blessed. God will protect us from evil. Releasing August, 2017 See more

  • Engineering

    The BAE team works on a sandstone carving of the Ten CommandmentsSee more

  • The Great Controversy

    This fateful planet has been at the heart of the Great Controversy, with the war between Christ and Satan at the very core. As history finally concludes, join us as we spread the word of God to this planet!

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    The Revelation of Jesus Christ was given to John while he was exiled on the Islee of Patmos.