about us

Bellum Art and Engineering was founded in 2008 with the sole purpose of serving God’s church along with His workers in their efforts to spread the gospel around the world. Our projects include Redemption which has played on the HOPE Channel, 3ABN, and other local networks; Raising the Commandments; “"The Ten Commandments"” which is broadcast daily and teaches people of each commandment; “Thy Kingdom Come,” a collaboration with Breath of Life Ministries; Silent Witness,” a feature length film and accompanying seminar that premiered in Las Vegas, and which reminds us of the importance of personal evangelism;Daniel and the Revelation (2016),” the long awaited series and toolset that will help evangelists worldwide to spread God’s prophetic messages; Youth Spot, Vol. 1 (2015),” a multimedia project that immerses youth in visual and audio stimuli to remind them of their greater purpose; "Balaam" and "Arrows" which teach of God's intervention in our lives, "God and Your Health," and others. Our team specializes in education, evangelism, and media, and is currently based in Las Vegas, NV where there is so much work to be done. Dr. Ryan Johnson, M.D.,A.M., Anissa Johnson, LaFawn Harrison, Dina Morataya, Dr. O.C. White, III, M.D. and Dr. Tisla White, Ph.D. comprise the core group and each is dedicated to using his or her talents to further Christ’s work.

evangelism through innovation


We believe that by investing prayerful time and effort into creating memorable experiences, people are positively impacted and drawn to Christ.

Long ago, workers in the field realized that a powerful visual presentation can be a very effective tool for winning souls. For many years, illustrations and photographs have been used to convey the messages of the Gospel and of prophecy. From slide shows to Power Point to highly descriptive sermons, presenters have employed every acceptable method available to reach the hearts of people.  As part of using visual media to spread the Word the broadcast ministry has emerged, and is reaching out to millions.

However we exist in a time of competing visual stimuli. Thousands of advertisements, aggressive online entities, and television programming that is super-saturated with factions vying for our attention has made it more difficult to make an impact with traditional visuals. Society’s resources are put into creating secular content of greater and greater intensity—but what about the Word of God?

Now imagine what could happen if we gave our very best effort, and created a presentation along with a tool set specifically designed to grasp the attention of today’s people? How might we present the word in easy to understand formats, and in unforgettable ways that meet the standards of today?

With these ideas at heart we specialize in bringing the God’s word to life in new an innovative ways that provide an experience for those who see and hear!